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Primo Volume & Terza Editione, Delle Navigationi et Viaggi;


Cartographer :

Giovanni Battista Ramusio

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3 beautiful and decorative books "Primo Volume & Terza Editione, Delle Navigationi et Viaggi"from 1563 , "2e : 1559" and "3rd: 1565" by Giovanni Battista Ramusio. Rare and highly esteemed books for its historical and navigation significance.


The "Primo Volume & Terza Editione, Delle Navigationi et Viaggi" published in 1563 in Venice by Giovanni Battista Ramusio is a significant work in the field of exploration and travel literature. This atlas, often referred to as Ramusio's Navigationi, is the third edition of a pioneering collection of travel accounts and voyages. Comprising three volumes, it is considered one of the most prized and influential compilations of its time. This edition is: Volume I, 3rd edition. Uncoloured.

Ramusio's atlas is a rich tapestry of exploration narratives, featuring accounts of journeys that were previously published, alongside translations from French, Spanish, and Latin sources. What sets this atlas apart is its inclusion of previously unpublished manuscript accounts, providing readers with fresh and unique insights into the diverse world of exploration during the 16th century. The meticulously curated contents offer a comprehensive and invaluable resource for scholars, historians, and enthusiasts interested in the early exploration and expansion of geographical knowledge.

In addition to the content, the atlas is renowned for its fine craftsmanship and artistic detailing. The beautifully designed and illustrated pages, often adorned with maps and intricate engravings, contribute to its aesthetic appeal. Ramusio's "Delle Navigationi et Viaggi" remains a testament to his dedication to preserving and disseminating the knowledge of the world's exploration during a time when global understanding was rapidly expanding, making it a treasure trove of historical and geographical information.

Giovanni Battista Ramusio (1485-1557), curated a renowned compilation of voyages. The trio of volumes he bequeathed represents the most esteemed collection of sixteenth-century voyages. It comprises reports of journeys that were previously published and subsequently translated from French, Spanish, and Latin, as well as previously unpublished manuscript accounts making their debut in this collection.

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