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Planisphere Terrestre


Cartographer :

Pieter van der Aa

Dimensions :


Conditions details :

Very Good

Reference :


Very rare large early coloured copper engraving "Planisphere Terrestre" from 'Le Nouveau Theatre' from 1713 by Pieter van der Aa.


This very rare and beautiful early hand coloured map "Planisphere Terrestre" by Pieter van der Aa from the atlas "Le Nouveau Theatre," is a large and detailed map of the World, employs Cassini's significant north polar projection from 1696. It presents the world using an Azimuthal equidistant projection, centered on the North Pole, which results in significant distortion of the Antipodes. This projection was itself based on Jean-Dominique Cassini's earlier 8-meter map, created for the French Academy of Sciences during the 1680s. Notably, Jean-Dominique Cassini's map was groundbreaking as it established standardised longitudes for well-known locations, based on observations of Jupiter's moons. In this rendition, the locations where these observations were conducted are marked with stars. The Cassini-Nolin map, however, deviates from the original by embellishing its previously blank corners with artistic designs by Jan Goree. These designs feature four prominent classical figures, including Mercury, cherubs, and the signs of the Zodiac. An interesting cartographic detail is the depiction of California as an island, in line with the cartographic conventions of its time.

"Le Nouveau Theatre du Monde" by Pieter Van der Aa is an atlas published in Leiden in 1713. The maps are copperplate engravings.

Pieter van der Aa (1659-1733) was a Dutch cartographer as well as publisher who is best known for his atlases and travel books. He was born in Leiden, Netherlands, and was the son of a printer. After completing his education, he joined his father's business and started producing maps and prints.

In 1682, Pieter Van der Aa published his first major work, "Naauwkeurige Versameling der Gedenk-Waardigste Zee en Land-Reysen" (Precise Collection of the Most Memorable Voyages and Travels), a collection of travel accounts and engravings. He went on to publish numerous other travel books and atlases, including "Le Nouveau Theatre du Monde" (The New Theatre of the World).

Pieter Van der Aa was known for his skilful engraving and printing, as well as his meticulous attention to detail. His maps were often based on the latest geographic knowledge and exploration, and he made efforts to update and improve his works over time. He was also a member of the booksellers' guild in Leiden and played an active role in the Dutch publishing industry.

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