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Nuevo Atlas de las partes Orientalis en Europa


Cartographer :

Johannes Blaeu

Dimensions :

Conditions details :

Very Good

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Rare and decorative hand-coloured atlas "Nuevo Atlas de las partes Orientalis en Europa" by Johannes Blaeu from 1659. This edition is in Spanish.


The "Atlas Major" is a renowned collection of maps and geographical works created by the Dutch cartographer Johannes Blaeu during the Golden Age. One of its notable volumes is the "Nuevo Atlas de las partes Orientalis en Europa" which focuses on the eastern parts of Europe. In particular, this volume provides detailed maps and geographical information about the regions situated in the eastern part of the European continent.

Published Amsterdam in 1659, this beautiful and decorative edition "Nuevo Atlas de las partes Orientalis en Europa" features a meticulous compilation of maps, illustrations, and geographical descriptions that offer insight of the Eastern regions of Europe. This edition is in Spanish and the copper engraving have been hand-coloured.

Johannes Blaeu (1596-1673) was a master cartographer of his time, and his works are celebrated for their accuracy, artistic quality, and attention to detail. Blaeu was the founder of the Blaeu publishing firm, which produced some of the most exquisite and accurate maps and atlases of the 17th century.

The "Atlas Major" as a whole was a monumental undertaking, consisting of multiple volumes covering different parts of the world. It aimed to provide a comprehensive and up-to-date representation of the known world at the time. The maps in the atlas are often embellished with intricate decorative elements, including elaborate borders, ornate cartouches, and illustrations of local fauna, flora, and people.

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