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Lotharingiae Ducatus Superioris vera delineatio


Cartographer :

Matthias Quad/ Johann Bussemacher

Dimensions :


Conditions details :

Very Good

Reference :


Early coloured map of Lorraine from the Quad/Bussemacher atlas 'Fasciculus Geographicus Complectens Praeciparum Totius Orbis Regionum Tabulas Circiter Centum Una Cum Earundum Enarrationibus' in the 1600 edition.


"Lotharingiae Ducatus Superioris vera delineatio" is a beautiful early-coloured map of the French region Lorraine.

This map appears in the “Fasciculus Geographicus Complectens Praeciparum Totius orbis Regionum tabulas circiter centum. una cum earundum Enarrationibus” atlas which was published in Cologne in 1600 by Matthias Quad and Johann Bussemacher. Published in the early 17th century, this splendid collection showcases approximately one hundred exquisite maps of the most significant regions around the world.

Matthias Quad (1557-1613) was a German cartographer and publisher who played a significant role in the development of early modern cartography. He was born in Cologne, Germany, and is often referred to as Matthias Quad the Elder to distinguish him from his son, who was also a cartographer.
Quad was a skilled engraver and mapmaker and is best known for his work in creating and publishing atlases and maps during the late 16th and early 17th centuries. He collaborated with various renowned cartographers and publishers of his time, such as Johann Bussemacher and Johann Bussemacher II, to produce high-quality maps and atlases.

Johann Bussemacher (1593-1653) was a German cartographer and publisher who continued the cartographic legacy of his father, Johann Bussemacher the First. He was born in Cologne, Germany, into a family of skilled mapmakers and engravers.
Following in his father's footsteps, Johann Bussemacher continued the family business and collaborated with other prominent cartographers of his time. He worked closely with Matthias Quad, a renowned cartographer, and together, they produced notable atlases and maps during the early 17th century.

The dimensions of this map are: ?

The map is in overall …. condition. It is decoratively coloured. This map has a latin text at the back.

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