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This beautifully old coloured engraving 'Sphaerarum Artificialium Typica Repraesentatio. . .' by Johann Baptist Homann dating from 1740 and published in Nuremberg, provides a comprehensive depiction of celestial and terrestrial globes along with an armillary sphere. It illustrates the artificial models crafted to represent and comprehend the celestial and terrestrial realms, reflecting the scientific and artistic aspirations of the early 18th century. 


This specific artwork highlights his ability to seamlessly blend scientific accuracy with aesthetic beauty. Serving as an educational tool, the engraving meticulously outlines the major and minor circles, lines, and points that make up the artificial spheres, mirroring the perceived order and structure of the natural world.


Johann Baptist Homann (1663-1724) was a mapmaker credited with establishing the renowned publishing company, Homann Heirs. Born and raised in Bavaria, specifically in Nuremberg, he initially pursued a career as a priest but later converted to Protestantism and worked as a notary.


In 1702, Johann founded a publishing house specializing in engravings, which quickly flourished, becoming the leading map publisher in Germany and a significant player in the European map market. His most famous work is the "Grosser Atlas ueber die ganze Welt" which was published in 1716.


Upon his death in 1724, the business passed on to his son, Christoph (1703-1730). Following Christoph's untimely death, successive heirs took over the company, leading to a change in the company's name to Homann Erben. The firm continued its operations until 1848.


The condition of this engraving is very good. It has a small restoration in the lower margin.

Spheres - Johann Baptist Homann

SKU: 2000
  • Cartographer

    Johann Baptist Homann

  • Date



  • Colouring

    Contemporary Coloured

  • Dimensions (cm)

    Image: 48.5 x 57.8

    Sheet: 53.5 x 62.5

  • Atlas

     Atlas Novus Terrarum Orbis Imperia Regna

  • Condition

    Very Good

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  • Authenticity Guaranteed


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