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'Magnum Mare del Zur cum Insula California' is a beautifully early coloured and rare double page engraving by Louis Renard, which was published in 1715 in Amsterdam. This map is based on Frederick de Wit's 1675 depiciton of the Pacific Ocean, notable for presenting California as an island and providing early projections of Australia and New Zealand. 


The map is adorned with four sailing ships, a compass rose, rhumb lines, and a striking cartouche topped with Magellan's portrait. It stands out as one of the finest representations of the Pacific Ocean during its time. 


Louis Renard, born in 1678 into a Huguenot family, made a significant transition from France to the Netherlands. In 1703, he established himself as a book dealer and publisher in Amsterdam. Renard acquired several plates from Frederick de Wit and utilized them to create his 'Atlas de la Navigation et du Commerce' which was first published in 1715. Subsequent editions in 1739 and 1745 were released under the publishing name R. & J. Ottens in Amsterdam. Louis Renard passed away in 1746.


The condition of this map is excellent. The map is early coloured and all the borders are heightened with gold. This is a double page copper engraving. 

Pacific Ocean - Louis Renard

SKU: 2002
  • Cartographer

    Pieter van der Aa

  • Date


  • Colouring

    Early coloured; heightened with gold

  • Dimensions (cm)

    Image: 49 x 56.5

    Sheet: 53.5 x 60

  • Atlas

    Atlas de la Navigation et du Commerce

  • Condition


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  • Authenticity Guaranteed


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