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Beautiful bird’s-eye of Venice, with topographical legend. This spectacular view is a separate publication by Donato Bertelli, first described in Peter H Meurer’s “The Strabo Illustrates Atlas 1545-1571”.  This is the first and only state.


The copper engraving is in excellent condition and as often the case with maps from the Laferi school, mounted in a frame of blank papers on all four sides in order to create a uniform paper size for binding in a collection of maps. 


The Lafreri School

The Lafreri School refers to a group of mapmakers, engravers, and publishers who operated in Rome and Venice from around 1544 to 1585. These individuals, though loosely connected through business partnerships and collaborations, produced maps that were later assembled into composite atlases. The selection of maps for these atlases was based on the preferences of the buyer or compiler. Initially, the maps were published individually, resulting in a wide range of styles and sizes being included under the umbrella of the "School."


The surviving Lafreri atlases showcase this diversity, with maps bound in various formats such as folded maps, those with wide or trimmed margins, smaller maps, and often mounted on blank paper or in a blank paper frame to fit into a bound collection of maps.


Donato Bertelli (active 1558-1584)

Book and print dealer and publisher from Venice. His shop was the 'Libreria al segno di San Marco' in Merzaria, from 1559. He shared this address with Ferrando Bertelli. "The relations between the two are still unclear (Meurer). 


Italy, Venice - Donato Bertelli

SKU: 2011
  • Cartographer

    Donato Bertelli

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  • Colouring


  • Dimensions (cm)

    Image: 37 x 57.8 

    Sheet: 48 x 71.5

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  • Authenticity Guaranteed


  • Reference

    Maurer 186

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