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'Currus Veliferi Illmi Mauritii Nassovii' is beautifully contemporary coloured engraving by Joan Blaeu, publised in 1649.


The engraving is derived from Joan Blaeu's publication on June 5, 1648, which commemorates the conclusion of the Eighty Years' War with the Peace of Westphalia. Blaeu utilized Jacob de Gheyn's earlier engraving of a land yacht from 1603, depicting its journey northward, as a blueprint for his own depiction.


In April or May of 1602, Prince Maurice, accompanied by 27 guests, embarked on a voyage with his land yacht from Scheveningen to Petten. This journey, undertaken with pride under the princely standard, featured notable figures such as Hugo de Groot, Paul Choart de Buzanval, Francisco de Mendoza, Ulrik of Holstein, and Frederick Henry. The innovative land yacht, invented by Simon Stevin, relied on a strong southwest wind to navigate the narrow, smooth strip of sand between the sea and the dunes.


Capable of reaching speeds exceeding 50 kilometers per hour, the land yacht showcased its swiftness compared to traditional horse travel, depicted by two galloping horsemen on the right side of the scene. On the left, the early version of the large wagon is  illustrated. Both wagons remained in the possession of the Oranges until the late 18th century, with the small yacht eventually being sold at a public auction in 1795.


Joan Blaeu, born in Amsterdam in 1596, joined his father's book trade and printing business, eventually becoming his successor in the Hydrographic office of the V.O.C. His significant contributions included the creation of the impressive Atlas Major and town-books of the Netherlands and Italy, which gained widespread acclaim and cemented the Blaeu name in history.


Tragically, on February 23, 1672, a devastating fire destroyed the Blaeu business. Within a year, Joan Blaeu passed away. The aftermath of the fire led to the complete liquidation of the Blaeu House's assets through five public auctions, dispersing books, atlases, copperplates, globes, and other materials to various map dealers and publishers in Amsterdam. The majority of these items were acquired by a consortium of booksellers.


Following these events, the remaining printing operations remained with the Blaeu family until 1695, when the inventory of the printing house was also auctioned off publicly. This marked the end of the Blaeus' legacy as a renowned printing house.

Land Yacht - Joan Blaeu

SKU: 2003
  • Cartographer

    Joan Blaeu

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  • Colouring

    Early, Original Colouring

  • Dimensions (cm)

    Image: 43 x 56.5 

    Sheet: 46.5 x 59

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  • Reference

    M. van der Broeke 149

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