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Atlas Minor


Cartographer :

Johannes Jansonnius

Dimensions :

18 x 23 cm

Conditions details :

Very Good

Reference :


This decorative and rare 1631 early-coloured German edition of "Atlas Minor" by Johannes Janssonius is a compact and significant atlas. It offers a concise yet comprehensive collection of maps, drawn from the earlier works of Gerard Mercator and Jodocus Hondius.


This beautiful atlas "Atlas Minor" of Johannes Janssonius, published in 1631, is the German edition of the renowned cartographic work and a revised edition of the earlier "Atlas Minor" by Gerard Mercator and Jodocus Hondius. This edition contains early-coloured copper engravings.

This atlas contains a total of 143 maps and provides a valuable snapshot of the state of geographical knowledge during the 17th century.

The atlas begins with maps of the world, including a map of the eastern and western hemispheres. These world maps provide a general overview of the known continents and territories of the time, along with elaborate illustrations of sea monsters, ships, and celestial bodies.

Moving on to the maps of specific regions, the "Atlas Minor" includes detailed maps of European countries such as Spain, France, England, and the Netherlands.

The atlas also delves into maps of the Americas, including North and South America, revealing the extent of European exploration and colonization in the New World. There are maps of individual American colonies, highlighting the boundaries and settlements of early English, Spanish, and Portuguese territories.

Africa and Asia are well represented, with maps depicting the known coastlines, interior regions, and significant cities of these continents.

The atlas reflects the limited European knowledge of interior Africa and Asia during this period.

Additionally, the "Atlas Minor" includes maps of various islands and island groups, contributing to navigational knowledge and exploration. These maps feature coastal details, important ports, and geographical characteristics.

This 1631 German edition of the "Atlas Minor" provides a valuable historical record of the geographic understanding of the time, offering insights into early modern cartography and the colonial aspirations of European powers. The maps within the atlas are not only informative but also richly decorated, featuring intricate illustrations that capture the artistic and scientific spirit of the era.

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